Harbour Grace Notebook: June

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1 June 1854: Death of Thomas Danson, a leading merchant and senior police magistrate in Harbour Grace.

1 June 1865: Bishop John Dalton’s pastoral letter grants Roman Catholic fisherman to fish on August 15, the date of the Feast of the Assumption, provided they gave the proceeds of their day’s catch to the Church. This ruling is the first known example of this practice, which still survives in some Newfoundland communities. More info: Dictionary of Canadian Biography.

2 June 1850: Work begins on widening Noad St, Victoria St, Bannerman St, LeMarchant St, Cochrane St, and Cathedral St.

2 June 1863: Work begins on pipe laying from Bannerman Lake (then Three Corner Pond).

3 June 1831: Public Ledger reports of a “riot” in Harbour Grace the previous May. Fishermen are owed shares and wages from the firm of Hugh William Danson, now declared insolvent. Fishermen “forcibly possess[] and roll[] upwards of a hundred casks of oil into the street” and threaten to destroy them. The men are eventually paid.

4 June 1614: Henry Mainwaring arrives in Newfoundland. More info: Dictionary of Canadian Biography.

5 June 1844: Another fire in Harbour Grace, started in the house of a man named Finn. Eight widows with orphan children are left penniless.

6 June 1880: John Shannon Munn born in Harbour Grace. More info: Profile: John Shannon Munn, 1880-1918.

6 June 1880: Father Diomede Falconio lays cornerstone for the Total Abstinence Hall.

7 June 1891: Bishop Ron McDonald confirms 72 people at Riverhead.

8 June 1878: Harbour Grace branch of British and Foreign Bible society formed in Harbour Grace.

12 June 1908: Football club formed at the offices of Archibald Bros. H.H. Archibald acts as chairman, with Stanley St. Hill as secretary. George Tapp, Edgar Davis, and Dugald Whiteway are selected as a committee to draft rules for the guidance of the club during the football season.

12 June 1928: Columbia aircraft arrives in Harbour Grace, piloted by Oliver Colin LeBoutillier, Arthur Argles and Broadway socialite Mabel Boll. More info: “The Columbia N.X. 237 in Newfoundland,” by Dr. Lisa M. Daly.

13 June 1929: New school building opens in Riverhead.

17 June 1928: Amelia Earhart leaves Trepassey and arrives in Burry Point, Wales, as passenger in the aircraft Friendship. She becomes the first female passenger to cross the Atlantic.

17 June 1905: Sir Richard Squires marries Helena Emiline Strong at Little Bay Islands. More info: Dictionary of Canadian Biography.

20 June 1928: Columbia aircraft leaves Harbour Grace for New York, USA.

22 June 1807: Agreement signed among Conception Bay merchant firms to finance the first Courthouse, a wooden building located just southwest of the present day stone building.

22 June 1931: Liberty aircraft, piloted by Holger Horiis and Otto Hillig, arrives in Harbour Grace.

23 June 1931: Winnie Mae aircraft, piloted by Wiley Post and Harold Gatty, leaves Harbour Grace for Berlin, Germany.

24 June 1931: Liberty aircraft leaves for Copenhagen, Denmark.

25 June 1850: Rev. William E. Stenstone lays cornerstone for the new Methodist church (third official Methodist church in Harbour Grace).

25 June 1930: Southern Cross aircraft arrives in Harbour Grace from Dublin, Ireland. The plane leaves at 5:30 p.m. for New York, USA.

27 June 1872: Star newspaper first published in Harbour Grace.

28 June 1934: Warsaw aircraft, piloted by the Adamowicz brothers, arrives in Harbour Grace.

29 June 1934: Warsaw aircraft leaves Harbour Grace for Warsaw, Poland.

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