Aviation Room


Fully renovated and revamped in 2022 for the 90th Anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s solo transatlantic flight, the Aviation Room showcases Harbour Grace’s unique history of aviation. Twenty planes utilized the Harbour Grace airstrip (built in 1927) for this pursuit, some successfully, some unsuccessfully. The room contains replicas of each individual plane (constructed by David Williams); historical pictures; a hanging model of the Handley Page Atlantic (1919), the first plane use Harbour Grace for a transatlantic adventure; and the Harbour Grace Airport Trust Company’s logbook, featuring Amelia Earhart’s original signature and flight specifications, and a lengthy discussion of Erroll Boyd and Harry Connor’s time in Harbour Grace. This room is often considered the prize showcase of the Museum, containing some of its most priceless artifacts. The windows offer a beautiful view of the harbour, too.