Amelia Earhart Departs Harbour Grace (1932)
Amelia Earhart Tells Her Story (1932)
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Southern Cross Takeoff (1930)
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“Smokeroom on the Kyle”
SS Kyle Drone Footage
Upon this Rock: St. Paul’s Anglican Church
Gibbet Hill with Patrick J. Collins
Harbour Grace Affray (1883) with Dr. Willeen Keough
Harbour Grace & Carbonear: A Thousand Years Will Come Again
Pirates of Newfoundland
Spirit of Harbour Grace Landing (1992)
Pictures of Historic Harbour Grace

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Harbour Grace Fire, 1944 (Harbour Grace Tourism, 2020)
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The Relocation of Otterbury Schoolhouse (Harbour Grace Tourism, 2020)

Oke Family History in Harbour Grace (HGBCIB, 2020)

The Harbour Grace Affray, 1883 (HGBCIB, 2020)

SS Kyle: Interview with Heber McGurk (HGBCIB, 2021)
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