Calendar Fundraiser Update

The Conception Bay Museum, Harbour Grace, is excited to announce their first annual calendar for 2023, showcasing historical pictures of our town that will be ready for distribution this Come Home Year summer season. We are welcoming sponsorships from the business community. For a generous donation ($50.00 min.) your business name and logo will be featured in the calendar. Deadline for contact and inclusion is April 15, 2022.

Please contact one of the following:
Heather Pumphrey – 596-2352
Sonia Williams – 589-9887
Jane Lynch – 596-2058
Christina Cox – 596-1828
Brenda Hunt-Stevenson – 596-7549

Thank you for your consideration.

Note: If you’re a business who had contributed before Covid 19 shut this project down in 2020, we still have your contribution and will be including you.  Thank you.