The Landing


Portraits of the Munns

The Landing currently houses our World War I exhibit, complete with regimental uniforms, photographs and information on Harbour Grace’s Great War volunteers. On the wall one can see an original portrait of John Munn, Harbour Grace and Conception Bay’s most powerful nineteenth-century merchant, and his wife Naomi Munden.

Other noted artifacts include the Sons of England Benefit (Benevolent) Society ceremonial altar and certificate of initiation;  the medals of Harbour Grace WWII aviator Lal Parsons, who memorably flew through the spires of Immaculate Conception Cathedral; Wineland Voyages by William Azariah Munn, the first book to posit the Vineland theory; and a portrait of Ernest Sheppard, cooper, ferry captain, and former owner of Payne House, who fought in the South African War in Lord Strathcona’s cavalry brigade.


Artifact Profiles

• Artifact Profile No. 1: Sons of England Benefit (Benevolent) Society Ceremonial Altar & Certificate (2019)
• Artifact Profile No. 2: Portrait & Military Discharge Papers of Ernest Sheppard (2019)
Artifact Profile No. 3: Receipts from Strapp’s Pharmacy (2019)