Heritage Resources

• Harbour Grace People, Places and Culture Workshop Report (Heritage NL, 2018)
Occasional Paper No. 8: A Social & Architectural Analysis of the Harbour Grace Railway Station (Heritage Foundation of NL, 2017)
• Harbour Grace Heritage District Report (Heritage Foundation of NL, 1992)
• Heritage Structures (Town of Harbour Grace/Gord Pike/NL Historic Trust/J.M. Ball, 1996)
• Harbour Grace Heritage Inventory (BTHC, 2000): Part I | Part II | Part III
Adapting Heritage Toolkit (Heritage NL, 2019)
Architectural Terms (Heritage NF)
A Guide for Municipalities: Preserving Our Past, Planning Our Future (AHI, 2004)
Heritage Planning Guide (AHI, 2003)
Municipal Designation (Heritage Foundation of NL/Canada’s Historic Places)
Municipal Designation of Cemeteries (Heritage Foundation of NL/Canada’s Historic Places)
A Guide to Researching Family History in Newfoundland and Labrador (Heritage Foundation of NL)


History of Harbour Grace (William A. Munn/Newfoundland Quarterly, 1933-39)
History of Harbour Grace (McKim, 1965; Ellis, 1966; Chafe-Davis, 1968)
C.B. Museum (The Trident, 1974)
Quodlibets: Histories by Gordon G. Pike (1988-2000)
The Story of Harbour Grace (R.J. Connelly, 1981)
Ten Historic Towns: Heritage Architecture in Newfoundland (NL Historic Trust, 1978)
Out of the Centuries: Supplement to the Opus on Harbour Grace (R.J. Connolly, 1990)
Harbour Grace (Decks Awash/MUN Extension Services, 1982)
Glimpses of Harbour Grace History in Words and Pictures (Martin “Mac” Lee, ca. 1970)
The Greatest Century of the Greatest Decade (R.J. Connelly, 1979)
• Out of the Past: History of Harbour Grace (Gord Pike, 1996)
History of Bristol’s Hope (R.J. Connelly, 1980)
My Island Fishing Home (Thomas Snow, 1997)
Street Talk (Gord Pike, ca. 1996)
Streets of Harbour Grace: An Explainer (–)
Riverhead: Reminiscing (Dr. Shannon Ryan, 2009)
The Harbour Grace Railway: Newfoundland Southern Division (Natalie Poitras/Harbour Grace Historical Society, 1996)
St. Paul’s Church: A History (Stone Fabric Repair Committee, 1978)
St. Paul’s Anglican Church: Celebrating The Sesquicentenary (Douglas Moores, 1985)
Memories of the Harbour Grace Regatta (Harbour Grace Tourism, 2000)
Canadian Flying Tales: Two Stories of Vintage Canadian Aviation History (Herb Kugel/Logbook, 2003)
175th Anniversary of the Harbour Grace Volunteer Fire Brigade, 1830-2005 (HGVFB, 2005)
• A Glimpse in the Life of Bill Luffman, Da Singin’ Cobbler (Harbour Grace Tourism): Part I | Part II
• Conception Bay “Cee Bee” Stars Scrapbook (Sports Hall of Fame & Museum, 2019): Part I | Part II
Timeline of the Harbour Grace Railway Station (N. Poitras, G. Pike, K. Harvey, M. McCarthy, 2019)

Cemetery Records

Bennett’s Lane Roman Catholic Cemetery Plot Records, 1799-1856 (1993-95)
Coughlan United Church Graveyard Plot Records (1993-95)
• St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Cemetery Plot Records (1993-95): Part I | Part II
• St. Peter’s Cemetery Plot Records (1993-95): Part I | Part II | Part III
Bennett’s Lane Roman Catholic Cemetery Plot Records (NL Grand Banks)
St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Cemetery (NL Grand Banks)
Presentation Sisters Cemetery, Harbour Grace (NL Grand Banks)
St. Paul’s Anglican Churchyard Cemetery (NL Grand Banks)

Registry of Births and Marriages

Harbour Grace (Roman Catholic) Baptisms, 1866-1889
Harbour Grace (Roman Catholic) Marriages, 1866-1889
Harbour Grace (Methodist) Baptisms, 1819-1873
Harbour Grace (Methodist) Baptisms, 1873-1891
Harbour Grace (Church of England) Baptisms, 1854-1892
Harbour Grace (Church of England) Marriages, 1776-1833
Harbour Grace (Church of England) Marriages, 1831-1891
Harbour Grace South & Bryant’s Cove (Church of England) Baptisms, 1872-1886
Harbour Grace South (Church of England) Marriages, 1872-1891
Upper Island Cove (Church of England) Baptisms, 1881-1891
Upper Island Cove (Church of England) Marriages, 1879-1891

Primary Documents

Quodlibets (Robert Hayman, 1628)
Official Register of the Harbour Grace Airport Trust Company (1927-1936)


Town Map (Perry Murphy, ca. 2000)
• Insurance Map of Harbour Grace (Chas. E. Goad, 1893/1911): Panel I | Panel II | Panel III | Full Spread
• Insurance Map of Harbour Grace (Chas. E. Goad, 1914): Panel I | Panel II | Panel III
Map/Sketch of Harbour Grace (1879)
Outline of Early Town Plan for Harbour Grace (1851)
Eighteenth Century Map of Harbour Grace (ca. 17–?)
Dutch Map of Newfoundland (Gerard van Keulen, ca. 1720)
Nautical Chart of Conception Bay and Trinity Bay (Laurie & Whittle, 1770)
Map of Harbour Grace Islands, 1910-23 (Thomas Snow, 1997)
Map of Harbour Grace (Dept. of Natural Resources, 1948)
• Newfoundland Railway and Steamship Lines (1928)
Newfoundland Railway and Steamship Lines (1905-1911?)


Immaculate Conception Cathedral Final Service Slideshow (Matthew G. McCarthy/Repurposing Committee, 2018)
Amelia Earhart 75th Anniversary Brochure (Town of Harbour Grace, 2007)
Heritage District Walking Tour Brochure (Heritage Foundation of NL, 1997)
Rev. William Ellis Dedication Service (Coughlan United Church, 1999)
Historical Souvenir Brochure (CB Museum/Harbour Grace Historical Society, 1974)


Anglican Parish of Harbour Grace (ANLA/Archdeacon Buckle Memorial Archive, 1764-present)
Immaculate Conception Parish of Harbour Grace (ANLA/Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Grand Falls, 1806-1992)
Irish Parish Records Collection (ANLA/Maritime History Archive, 1671-1900)
Mannion Collection – Irish Migration Database