Genealogy & Family History

Registry of Births and Marriages

Harbour Grace (Roman Catholic) Baptisms, 1866-1889
Harbour Grace (Roman Catholic) Marriages, 1866-1889

Harbour Grace (Methodist) Baptisms, 1819-1873
Harbour Grace (Methodist) Baptisms, 1873-1891

Harbour Grace (Church of England) Baptisms, 1854-1892
Harbour Grace (Church of England) Marriages, 1776-1833
Harbour Grace (Church of England) Marriages, 1831-1891

Harbour Grace South & Bryant’s Cove (Church of England) Baptisms, 1872-1886
Harbour Grace South (Church of England) Marriages, 1872-1891

Upper Island Cove (Church of England) Baptisms, 1881-1891
Upper Island Cove (Church of England) Marriages, 1879-1891

Bennett’s Lane Roman Catholic Cemetery

“Roman Catholic cemetery gets a cleanup” (The Telegram, Aug. 20, 2013)
“Grave concern” (The Telegram, Aug. 23, 2013)
“Harbour Grace grave attracting visitors” (The Telegram, Aug. 31, 2013)
“Readers weigh in on grave mystery” (The Telegram, [date?])

Heritage Resources

A Guide to Researching Family History in Newfoundland and Labrador (Heritage Foundation of NL)

Unfortunately, we don’t (currently) have the capability to research family histories in Harbour Grace and the greater Conception Bay area. However, if you wish to provide your family’s (or a family) history for the purposes of this archive, please email with the relevant details.

Histories should be lucid, and we reserve the right to reject any research that doesn’t fit our editorial standards. Your name and contact information (ie., email) will be published for the purposes of future research and networking.


Conception Bay Museum Board of Directors

Note: Thank you to the operators of NL Grand Banks for this information.