Harbour Grace Notebook: November


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1 Nov. 1836: Harbour Grace hit with election violence.

2 Nov. 1870: Thomas Harrison Ridley states in the Harbour Grace Court House to his creditors that he has lost three hundred thousand dollars during the past few years in general trade. A compromise is arranged and strong efforts are made to keep the business going.

4 Nov. 2018: Ceremonial farewell to Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

6 Nov. 1764: Edward Langman writes to Society of the Propagation of the Gospel: “It was my decision, on my return from Trinity, to have paid a visit to Harbour Grace. By reason, the Inhabitants of that place and Carbonear a neighbouring place, and some other Inhabitants of Conception Bay, have later raised a Subscription for Erecting a new Church at Harbour Grace…the Inhabitants, Merchants and Employers of Harbour Grace, Carbonear, Et cet: are very desirous of having a resident of the Missionary to perform Divine Service in, if the worthy Society Shall think proper to Send one among them. I am told there is now a Subscription on foot amongst the people there, for the Support of a Minister, beside what the Society Sh/d allow yearly, in case the Society Sh/d Send one to them.”

8 Nov. 1889: Second Immaculate Conception Cathedral dedicated.

8 Nov. 1997: Gordon G. Pike Railway Museum & Heritage Park opened in Harbour Grace.

13 Nov. 1822: Advertisement in The Newfoundland Patriot: “The Packet boat Lively sails twice a week from Portugal Cove to Harbor Grace. Fare: Ladies & Gentlemen: 5 shillings each; Tradesmen & Laborers: 4 shillings each; Hire of boat: 30 shillings; Letters: 9 pence.”

13 Nov. 1886: St. Joseph’s Church opens in Riverhead.

15 Nov. 1836: Violence against Joseph Pippy in Mosquito, related to assault of Thomas Ridley.

16 Nov. 1859: Harbour Grace Standard first published in Harbour Grace.

16 Nov. 1886: Cornerstone of the former St. Paul’s Hall on Harvey St laid.

19 Nov. 1846: Enrico Carafagnini ordained a Roman Catholic priest.

20 Nov. 1883: The Bonnie Lass, a Harbour Grace schooner, sinks near Pouch Cove. Captain D. Hogan, mate John Leary, and steward M. Lahey drown.

21 Nov. 1837: Harbour Grace Island lighthouse first exhibited. Austin Oke is its first light keeper.

Harbour Grace Lighthouse

Harbour Grace Island Lighthouse (Source: Maritime History Archive)

22 Nov. 1765: People of Harbour Grace and Carbonear authorize merchant George Davis to obtain a Protestant clergyman for the area; that priest would be Laurence Coughlan.

22 Nov. 1884: First train runs over the branch line from St. John’s to Harbour Grace.

24 Nov. 1851: Frederick N. Gisborne, engineer of Manchester, England, completes telegraph line from St. John’s to Harbour Grace.

26 Nov. 1612: After successful lobbying by Sir Richard Whitbourne, King James I grants a second pardon to Peter Easton. The pardon never reaches the pirate.

27 Nov. 1921: First telephone connection made between St. John’s and Harbour Grace.

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