Profile: Old St. Paul’s Hall, Harbour Grace


The old St. Paul’s Hall was located on Harvey St, near the head of LeMarchant St. The building formally opened on April 1 (Easter Sunday), 1888, at 3 p.m. Stone was brought from Lady Lake for its construction.

On May 1, 1888, its first grand concert was given. The press reported that the entertainment greatly exceeded their lofty expectations. 500 people attended the show, and receipts totaled $131.00. Prof. and Miss Flynn performed together to much applause, the latter singing “Tell Me, O Bird of the Greenwood” solo. To close out the performance, Rev. J.M. Noel, the local rector, extended his thanks to everyone who contributed to this fine opening performance.

Do you have any memories or stories of the old St. Paul’s Hall in Harbour Grace?

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