Profile: Third Harbour Grace Methodist Church, 1851-1904


After the fire on February 7, 1850, Rev. William E. Stenstone petitioned the Newfoundland Legislature for aid, which Governor Sir John Gaspard LeMarchant endorsed. The government subsequently granted £200 for a new Methodist church. There were also donations from local merchants: Ridley & Sons donated £50, and John Munn and his wife gave £100 each. In five months, the subscription list stood at about £600, and further donations were expected from the Methodist congregation in St. John’s.

On February 9, 1851, the third Harbour Grace Methodist Church opened for parishioners. The building was 58 feet long and 36 feet wide, with capacity for 500 people. Its windows and galleries were designed in the Gothic style, in a manner similar to the former church. A separate room, the Sabbath school, was attached to the chapel, measuring 26 feet in length, 18 feet in width.

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Photo source: Conception Bay Museum archives, photo no. 2016-117

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