“Hors Circuits II” Filming at Conception Bay Museum

Hey (again) everyone! So, more exciting news:

Today we were lucky enough to welcome Justin Oakey, writer and director of Riverhead (2016), Flankers (2014), and The World Is Burning (2013); Xavier Georges, of ‘Sibelle Productions!’; and the cast and crew of Hors Circuits II to the Conception Bay Museum. Hors Circuits II is a documentary series which illuminates the oft-forgotten past of some of Newfoundland and Labrador’s most spectacular locales.

Justin Oakey

Justin Oakey, writer and director of Riverhead (2016), Flankers (2014), and The World Is Burning (2013). (Photo credit: CBC)

Our own Patrick Collins donned his acting hat and guided host Jennifer Breault through the Museum, highlighting the rich history of piracy, shipbuilding and mercantilism in Conception Bay. Look for the Museum to be featured in Season 2, Episode 7 of Hors Circuits II, due in late August.

In addition to film production, Georges and his team are involved in recreating arcane manmade structures with the latest twenty-first century digital technology. We were able to provide them with some architectural reproductions (1991) of the S.S. Kyle (courtesy of S. K. Foster), which Georges will use when designing his three-dimensional model of the famous transport and sealing vessel.

SS Kyle full1

A reproduction of the architectural design of the S.S. Kyle, courtesy of S. K. Foster (1991).

Hors Circuits II is broadcast on UNIS TV and regular cable networks in Canada. As well, TV5 Monde brings the series to the world in 160 countries and 20 different languages.

Past episodes and further information about the series can be found on UNIS TV’s website.

Hors Circuits II

Xavier, Justin, Jennifer, and the rest of the crew were kind enough to sign us a promotional poster. Look out for Hors Circuits II Season 2, Episode 7 in late August 2017.

Links & Further Information

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• ‘Sibelle Productions!’: Information & Contact | Vimeo

UNIS TV / Hors Circuits II

• Conception Bay Museum: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | YouTubeFlickr

• Town of Harbour Grace: Website | Facebook | Twitter

• Patrick Collins (Writer): Facebook | Goodreads

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